22:26 - 26/02/2024 :

Hey, this is just going to be a shortened style of blog entry. Just a bit of babbling I guess. I just want to reflect on things and my life as a whole without all the fancy titles and thought-through paragraphs. I'm not really sure how I'm feeling. I'm running for Publicity Officer in the Astronomy Society elections tomorrow, which is exciting but quite nerve-wracking as someone with major anxiety when it comes to public speaking (particularly in front of a big crowd). I won the elections for Women's Officer in the Physics Society which I'm really happy about, but I'm a little concerned in regards to how busy I will be next year. Hopefully I won't burn myself out too much. Anyway I'm kind of just procrastinating doing my lab prep. Let me go take a look at it quickly. Okay... it's not awful I guess. I've already done a lot today but getting this done would be great for tomorrow since on top of the AstroSoc elections, I also have 5 lectures in a row then I need to do my grocery shopping lol. I really dread doing this lmao. I shouldn't hesitate. I want to become a better person but I don't like it when I have to change myself. I find this interesting: I want to be less rude and more accepting of other peoples opinions but when I get offended, I feel unable to control my reaction. I dislike people who are self-aware and yet do nothing about it and now I'm just a hypocrite. I'm unsure. I think I want to write a novel, I want to write about two of my childhood best friends, who have each had completely different effects on me while growing up, but I don't think I have the time nor the ability to articulate myself concisely. My writing tends to be chunky. Kind of like peanut butter. Maybe I should post my poetry onto here. I've been doing well academically, it makes me feel like this is all going to be worth it. The guy I like has a girlfriend. Good night.