23/12/23 - Breakups, university life and the year ahead:

So it ended - sixth form, of course, along with my exams. But as it turns out, the world didn't end when I got first rejected from my dream University. The musical we worked hard to perform went on, and went well. It was quite magical and I still listen to the soundtrack even now with only the fondest of memories, completely drowning out some of the most tearful rehearsals. Because the world didn't end when I got upset about who would open the curtains on the night, or when I got angry over the prop table. So now I can only look back and be thankful. My exams began and ended and I battled my way through them like ermmm the British against that one French guy in that one ABBA song. So here I am, sat in my once dream university dorm, feeling a little guilty over not updating this site for a while. YEPP, I GOT IN :) It worked out miraculously and here I am studying physics! I initially applied for the wrong degree major and my rejection really helped me see that. So thank you!

I suppose I should provide an update on that valentines day date. It went well, we ended up going on more dates, through the Easter break I dined with his family and he asked me to be his girlfriend. We went to see a west end musical together, visited Bletchley Park museum and had countless sofa dates watching our favourite show together. Summer was a blast and I couldn't be more grateful for such memories. But as the new season comes, summer must end, and we parted to our separate universities. As the term progressed, the intensity of the course followed, and in October, we split. When I think back upon these memories, I'm grateful to have made such a friend. I'm not really sure what people expect me to say when I reflect back on things like this. I'm also kinda impressed I had the balls to act on my feelings initially LOL so good job me. I'm a little overwhelmed by the thought of doing that again but I'm sure with time I'll find an opening.

So how's uni life? What are my plans? Well my plan is to finish my degree with a first class and complete a physics MASt at Cambridge. But I guess I should first focus on the herdle that is my January exam for the first half of my maths module. I'm very excited for that. I've already joined the physics, astronomy, maths and bad film societies. They don't have a rollerskating society which is a shame. My goal for next term is to join Jiu Jitsu and perhaps something along the lines of debate. I can't be socially inept and taciturn forever I guess. Gosh darn. I just hope I can manage my life better next term. I might try writing on here more often to see if that helps. I'm definitely not going to make the mistake of commenting when my next post will be though LMAOOOO. I'm just training you guys in the art of patience, you will thank me later. Anyway, I need to go revise for that January exam now. If I get a bad grade I'm not sure how my ego will cope. Bye :)