12/02/23 - Theatre, a birthday party and handling rejection

It's been a bit longer than a week since I last posted, my bad. In my defense, I've had a hell of a week. For starters, I'm still intoxicated after a party last night and I can hardly stay upright in this chair as I type, so I think I'll come back to this later. However I'll be keeping this to at least document my attempt of a blog - I'm not giving up on this site just yet !! But I know what you're thinking, there's no way someone with a blog is able to keep up with social interactions in person, and you'd be correct!

It's been about 20 hours, and I slept for about 15 of them. As I was showering, I was arming myself with cool things to say when I got back to this, including about the party. But following checking my emails, I'm now listening to an obscure slow song, drowning in my sorrows as one might put it. That's what people say when they're sad right? Over the weekend, I received an acception and a rejection from two different universities, one of which being my top choice. As I read, I could feel the corners of the room crumble away into black as the floor beneath me was dragged into a void of ache and- so it's up to you to figure out what the response was. I need to leave the house in roughly an hour for social reasons, and then do the exact same tomorrow, how thrilling. Though honestly it's better than sobbing to Conan Gray in my room so.. I'll finish this off later :]

Okay, hopefully I'll only need to come back to this a third time.. anyway I have a lot to say in these 2 or so paragraphs before you guys lose focus so here goes. Travelling all the way back to Saturday, 4th of January, I attended one of my friends' dance shows, it was really good and helped me to appreciate performing arts more. Sunday and Monday, I had musical rehearsals until 9pm because I love having absolutely zero free time and staying at school until ridiculous hours. Ahaha. On Tuesday, I went to London to see a west end musical: Heathers. IT WAS SO GOOD!! Hopefully - if I can get the code to work - I'll have photos somewhere down below. Dead girl walking was a bit awkward though, iykyk.

Now to a couple days ago, when I attended my friend's 18th birthday party on Saturday with the intention of leaving at 7:50pm, and then stayed overnight with like 5 other friends. Spinning in circles in the living room, yelling along to Bohemian Rhapsody at 3:00am was not how I had envisioned my night going, but I'd say I'm overall satisfied with that outcome anyway.

Now tomorrow is Valentine's Day, and I do indeed have a date, and I am indeed nervous, but it'll be fine, right? right? Oh also, the deadline for my school yearbook page is in 1 week and I have a grand total of 1 photo I can use and I need 4. But I have a friend coming to help me take photos on Friday so hopefully that goes well! (She rly came in clutch, love her). So I think you're now updated, you're welcome. See you in (hopefully) (don't count on it) 1 week! Bye :)